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Terms and conditions of domainname registrations :

under '*; *; *; *; *' operated by MH.BE - Arta nv.

2003 10 01

  1. Definitions

    • 'MH.BE' is MH.BE - Arta nv situated at 8490 Jabbeke, Stationsstraat 47, Belgium. HRB 90.339; VAT no : 465.355.817 and has the right to register domain names under previously named domains;

    • 'registrar' means the undertaking that enters into a non-exclusive registrar agreement with MH.BE and obtains from MH.BE the right to apply for the registration and renewal of domain names under the '*, *, *, *, *' domain on behalf of its clients and/or for its own account (also called 'dealer');

    • 'the licensee' means the person that applies for or has obtained a licence from MH.BE to use a particular name in the ',,,,' domain;

  2. Acceptable domainnames

    • DNS BE will not accept the following domainnames for registration :
      • Names that are already registered ("first come, first served" -principle) or that are put on hold. A name is put on hold.
          A domain name can be put on hold by MH.BE by any reason ever possible.

      • Names that consist of characters other than "a-z", "A-Z", "0-9" and "-", or that start or end with "-" (as recommended in RFC 1035).

      • Names of less than two characters or more than sixty-three (63) characters

      • MH.BE has the right to decline any domain name for any reason.

      Names will be registered for the person whose application is completed first, notwithstanding earlier applications for those names that are not yet complete. An application is complete when it is received by the DNS BE computer system (not when it was sent), and when it contains all the data required by MH.BE.

      The refusal to register a domain name does not create any rights (priority rights or other) for the applicant. The applicant may file a new application, in competition with anybody else, if that name later becomes available to the public.

  3. Licence

    1. After the registrar completes the registration process and pays the registration fees, MH.BE grants an exclusive licence to the licensee to use the domain name in the application.

    2. The licence is valid for the period that is payed for and is renewable as far as the registration fee has been settled.

    3. MH.BE may terminate the licence for any reason it see fit. (for example, but not excluding, abuse, ...)

  4. Fees and payment

    1. The licensee is aware that the registrar acting on his behalf must pay the initial registration fee and the renewal fee according to the agreement between the registrar and MH.BE.

    2. The registrar has access to the computer system of DNS BE in order to verify the status and expiration date of the domain names that he manages. The registrar is responsible for the timely information of the licensee that the licence for his registered domain names is due to be renewed.

    3. MH.BE is not responsible for the registrar's non-payment of registration or renewal fees, which may result in the non-registration or cancellation of a domain name (even if the licensee has paid the registrar).

  5. Obligation to have a working e-mail address

    • The licensee must have a working e-mail address, which is inserted in the MH.BE data base. MH.BE and the licensee must use this e-mail address for official communication between them, and the licensee must keep the address up-to-date through his registrar. If the e-mail address is not kept up-to-date, the licensee is in breach of these terms and conditions and MH.BE may terminate the licence.

  6. Agreement between licensee, registrar and MH.BE

    • You always have to become a registrar to register a domain name, even if it is one. You can become a registrar just by making an account on the site.

    • If you have a domain name that is registered by a registrar and the registrar is not responding to your requests for example to renew the domain name : you can contact MH.BE ( and request a transfer of registrar or to become your own registrar.

    • The registrar is not the owner of the domain name but the licencee is. If a registrar show any sign of abuse, all domain names will be transfered to MH.BE.

    • MH.BE will contact the registrar and the licencee to notify when a domain name is 60 days before the expire date.

    • MH.BE will never sell the domains to a licencee for a price lower than 15 excl. 21% VAT. Registrars that become dealers will be able to buy domains cheeper.

    • In case if one of the domain names (';;;;') is sold, the license expires at such time the new owner of the domain decides. When this hapens, the license contact will be notified by e-mail.

  7. Privacy policy

    • All data in the data base of MH.BE will be used for what it is intended. The data will not be sold.

  8. Changes to this document and registration rules

    • The rules of the domain name registration procedure are dynamic and subject to change.

    • If MH.BE decides to change its rules, it will make the new rules available to the public by posting them on its web site at least thirty (30) days before the new rules take effect. Each registration procedure will be handled according to the rules in effect on the date the application is complete.

  9. Dispute resolution policy

    • If there is a dispute by legal action or by other reason and there is no resolution within a acceptable period of time, MH.BE will block the domain name. Permanently.

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